Friday, April 4, 2014

Emergent Keywords: Get Keywords Before They're Hot!

(This is an older article I wrote about emergent keywords. This was written before I became a blogger for money and just writing articles on Hubpages. This is not my main strategy anymore, but I still think the idea has potential. If you are really gung ho and start several blogs about upcoming movies, it could be lucrative in the long run. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to  develop. Stay tuned on this blog for more great tips and strategies for making money online and become a blogger for money.)

In the movie Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino plays an NFL coach. While giving a pep talk before the big game, he says, “Football is a game of inches. There are inches all around you. All you have to do is reach out and grab them.” I think about blogging for money like this. Making money online is a game of keywords. There are keywords all around us. All you have to do is know which ones to go after.

The ideal keyword is one that gets a high search volume, that is, gets looked for a lot on search engines, and one that has low competition, that is, there are few good sites that target that keyword. In a perfect situation, your blog or site will be at the top of the first page when that keyword gets searched. It’s easy to get to the top page for a keyword that nobody cares about. It’s more difficult to get highly ranked for a popular keyword. So how do you choose keywords? Well, what if a fortune teller could tell you the keywords before they became popular? I’d like to share a strategy for choosing what I call ‘emergent keywords’.

I’m a huge Godzilla fan and I‘ve written several Godzilla articles. Well, one day I read news about a new Godzilla movie being made by Legendary Pictures for 2012. I was excited and quickly  wrote an article about it, 
Godzilla 2012 Movie: A New American Godzilla. I thought the keywords “Godzilla 2012” and “new Godzilla movie” might have potential. It wasn’t very long. I just gave a synopsis of the news I had read and put up a few pictures. I did some link building, about 30, most of those social bookmarking sites. Then I just let it sit there and I got a fair amount of traffic. My article quickly rose to the top of the first page for “Godzilla 2012”. Then slowly over the next few months the traffic started increasing, most of it coming from search engines. This is ideal. I was finally getting about 200 views a day on that article alone. I was very happy about this. Then suddenly, one day, it doubled! New news broke about the movie and the buzz increased. Now I get lots of traffic. I expect this traffic to increase over the next few years.

(A note about social booking sitesOne of the best hubs I ever read was Increase Adsense Revenue: Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites For Backlinking by ryankett. Thank you so much Ryan! That hub and his other related hubs give a great list of social bookmarking sites to post links on. Pay especial attention to the Adsense sharing sites. You can make money directly from them. And always choose dofollow sites. They have more weight with Google and get you more ‘juice’ for your hubs. Actually, his list is a little out of date. Some of those bookmarking sites have already banned hubpages for spamming allegations. One man’s link is another man’s spam. But don’t worry. There are plenty more sites out there. There’s a great site, social bookmarking list that has literally hundreds of bookmarking sites and will tell you their pagerank and if they are dofollow or not. Be careful though, the site will try and sell you a lot of bookmarking software that will just get you in trouble.)

The early bird gets the worm                      

Let’s take the movie Avatar for example. Let’s say you write a review of Avatar after it comes out. Well, I don’t think it will do you much good. It’s too late. Everyone and their brother is writing reviews and posts about Avatar. But what if you wrote an article or started a blog about Avatar a year or more before it came out? That way nobody’s really looking for it yet. Your content will just sit there aging and gaining relevancy for that keyword. Then as it gets closer to the release date and the buzz picks up, it will be in a great position. This is an emergent keyword.

So what makes a good emergent keyword? They have to be things that are up and coming. New movies, video games, software, music albums, books are all good possibilities. New products like electronics or home appliances would be good if you could get that kind of information. I’m not sure, but sporting events like the Olympics might work. Maybe you could try a new and upcoming celebrity. Imagine if you had written an article about Susan Boyle before she was famous. Use your imagination. But remember, you should write about real confirmed news not just speculation. And you should update your article or blog with new information. Keep your readers coming back. Also, after the movie or whatever is released, you can the use the same one to write a review about it. And you can also write articles about related merchandise and link your sites together into a net to catch web surfers. Good Luck!

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