Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Write an Effective Round-Up Post

What is a round-up list?

A round-up list or post is a collection of great ideas, usually from other websites, for example crafts, how to tutorials, or recipes. They are 'rounded-up' from across the web like sheep, hence the name. A round-up list is similar to a top ten list, but it doesn't have to be ten, you could have a list of any number, six, twelve, twenty-three, for example, "8 easy summer barbecue recipes", "17 fun Christmas Day crafts for kids", or"27 fun birthday party game ideas".

Why is posting round-up lists important?

The internet is full information, too much information. People are looking for something and they don't want to spend all day searching through hundreds of different possibilities. People like round-ups because someone has done the leg work for them and condensed that information into a short list of good ideas. 
Sometimes I see round-ups of 60, 70, or more. Personally, I think this defeats the purpose. If someone sees a round-up of over 50 ideas, they'll probably move on to a different list. As a general rule, I try to limit my round-ups to 30 ideas or less.

For bloggers, round-ups are where the money is. They tend to be higher traffic posts and get more clicks and make more money. If I looks at my top performing posts of all time, many of them are round-ups.

How to write a round-up list

There is the normal way to write a round-up, but I want to teach you a way that is more effective and beneficial to your money blog.

The normal way

  1. You search the internet for various ideas of a specific keyword topic. 
  2. Then, write a post on your blog with a list of ideas and/or pictures and add a link to each so when people click on the idea, they are taken to the original site where the idea came from. 

My 'effective' way

  1. Search the web for dozens or even hundreds of various ideas from other website.
  2. Write and publish a post on your blog for each idea. It should be short; a picture, a short description, just a few sentences, and a link at the bottom to the original site.
  3. Choose from your published ideas and write your round-up list with pictures and link each picture and title to your post, not the original site.
Here's one of my more high traffic round-ups for example:

When visitors to your blog click on one of the ideas in your round-up list, they are taken to your post and from there they can find the link to the tutorial. You've added an extra step. This is more beneficial to your blog for two reason:

1. It keeps people on your site longer and increases the chances of them clicking on an advertisement. (When you add the links, don't forget to always check that, "Open in a new window" box. It keeps the fist page open and makes it easier to go back to your list.)

2. You've published many links to your own blog and interlinking makes your site stronger and perform better on search engines.

An extra step

If you want to go the extra mile, then create an image for your round-up like the one below. Make a montage of the different ideas on your list with a title. It really helps people find your post if they do image searches. Personally, I'm a little to lazy and not so good with Photoshop, but it adds an extra level of professionalism if you like.

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